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Tips before you buy a domain name

Tips before you buy a domain name

Most important thing is to decide a domain name for online presence. The right domain name is most important for your website, for both search engines and target audience. For choosing a domain name, ignoring the trends and business name must make good sense. Following are some tips to help you make a good domain name purchase.


When you buy a domain name, do some research and check out your competitors domain name. Check available domains by keywords or domain name using search tools.

A famous domain may have more public resales. you must have to search by keywords, which helps to provide popularity of certain words in domain names.

Easy Domain Names

Always set a domain name that people can easily remember and type. For effective domain names, always avoid odd spelling of words, multiple hyphens or any characters. 

Most important thing is avoid those words which have more than one spelling if your visitors are likely to be confused or mistype the name.

Slangs Words

Try to avoid slang words and always pick a name which will be meaningful in 10 years. This will also help your name to be remembered. Meaningful domain names always can help with your local audience as well.

Shorter Domain Names

It is very hard for people to remember longer domain names and the more chance you have of someone mistake on one of the words. It is a little creative by getting a single word domain name. Name of your domain as part of your brand, make sure your domain name must match how you want people to think of you.

Focus on .com

Most of the users assume a domain name ends in .com so if you buy a domain name with extensions (.net, .info, etc.), you will have to do some extra work to get people engaged and to remember that your site has a different extension.