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Auto-Install Frameworks with Softaculous

In this article, we’ll go through the frameworks that can be built automatically using Softaculous. It is a commercial script library that allows you to install any commercial or open-source web app on your website automatically. These scripts are usually run from the website’s admin region, which is controlled primarily by interface tools like cPanel. These applications are typically used to build database tables, install software, adjust permissions, and web server configuration files changings that can occur.

Installation Made Easy

According to our research, Softaculous is a great Auto Installer that has 419 great scripts, 1115 PHP Classes and more in progress to be added. We believe that it is ideal for Web Hosting firms that could give a significant boost to your revenue and it covers most of the uses that a customer could ever have.

Import scripts directly or from other Auto Installers

Since Softaculous is easy to install, it can import scripts directly whether they are imported from Softaculous itself or not and this process is simple and fast as well. It can also import data from other auto-installers as well. Users have the right to choose scripts that they want to be imported via auto-installer.

Speedy Updates and Secure

Softaculous gives rapid updates of the scripts that can keep it maintained. All the updates are considered to be more stable and improve the server’s security than before. These new updates provide benefits to the users by updating newer versions and making them available to the users.

Fast, Smart & Better

Softaculous is a fast automated installer. A user can install scripts in just ONE simple step. It’s easy and smart to set up so that the user doesn’t have to go through the complete process of any individual script. From start to end, either from copying the files or creating a database, Softaculous handles anything so that a user can simply sit back and unwind!


We went over all of the major features of Softaculous, which is an auto-installer for cPanel and DirectAdmin. Softaculous is much faster if we compare it with any other auto-installer. It is well designed and installs all scripts in just a simple ONE STEP that provides ease for the user.

Is Your Web Host Taking Cybersecurity Seriously?

This article is for website security tips, all the steps covered to secure your new website before it goes live, well done. You are taking your own security, some of the web hosts don’t follow web hosting security best practices. 

In this article we cover all the most important features that a good web host should offer. If you want a new web host or want to change your existing host for one that offers better security, check these features.

Shared vs Dedicated Hosting

For web hosting security, some of the people advise you that “dedicated” hosting, in which you can easily control over your own server and your website is the only single stored there, is basically more secure than “shared” hosting, in which you can easily share a server with your clients.

If you have great skills on networking then you will create your own server with a great level of control and get better security. The best thing is security, means your web host is in good hands which gives you security by our dedicated security team. VPS use shared hosting, but many VPS providers run a virtual machine on their servers, it means customers have full control on each virtual server. 

Backups and Restore Points

Backups are the most important element of security. Backup your site frequently is the most important feature for good web hosts. When you want a web host, be aware of their backup policies and sure about that they backup at least weekly and easily access these backups.


Some of the web hosting providers will monitor all abnormal activities. They will give you a signal when they spot unusual traffic on your server. 

Web hosting providers will protect your site and also alert you to any security weakness and flows in your site. 


Virus detection is not your web host’s responsibility alone, you should have to take guarantee that you are scanning all the programs over your systems. You should have to understand which safety actions will perform and what must you do to protect your own site.

DNS Redirects

Now introducing the new achievement of the security .You should ensure that your site source is protected by the security implications of DNS redirects. This will create a second link to whom the visitors are directed via a compromised DNS table. To prevent this usage of protected, zero-knowledge DNS protocols can help to ensure the reliability of DNS lookups and further protects the site from being duplicated.


A good quality web host will provide all the above features and offer much more. At the end, a good web host will see themselves as a partner in your business instead of a company selling you a service. Before choosing a web host you should take time to ask them questions.

Website security is a method that requires constant development. With good web hosts this method is a whole lot easier.